Here are the books and series currently in progress according to their working titles. Please check back for final titles and release dates!

Link Of Power


Book One: Welded

Michelle is selected as one of the new apprentices of the Link of Power.  She has her doubts, but agrees because regular meals doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal.  She wasn’t counting on being assigned to be mentored by the Queen, Korlaya.  Michelle’s family were victims of the decade long war after the queen refused a union with a neighboring kingdom.  Can they out their differences aside long enough to protect the country? woman-1539416_1920

Forgotten Fairy Tales

Retellings of classic, yet little known fairy tales.wolf-1594637_1920

Book One: The Enchanted Stag

Mae’s new stepmother is bad news.  When Mae and her brother decide to leave, he’s turned into a stag and they find themselves stranded in the woods.roe-deer-1396281_1280


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